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Children are our passion. If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or just love children, you know how special they are. 

You also know it can be challenging to guide and protect them throughout their life's journey. We are here to make it a little easier for you and a lot of fun for them!

Meet iWonder Star, children's caring and loving friend. She helps children understand their emotions and how they can create positive outcomes out of any situation in their life. With iWonder Star's unique guidance children learn to be resilient, confident, strong, positive and happy.  iWonder Star is a must-have tool for empowering and teaching children self-awareness and social-emotional intelligence.

The first book from the iWonder Star series is now available!

 Our books are suitable for children of ages 5+ but they are also inspiring for adults. We highly recommend that you read them too.

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iWonder Star and Happy Peter


In print - March 2019

This is a story about Peter who learns with iWonder Star

about the power of his thoughts and the power of words.  

iWonder Star teaches him how to handle challenging 

situations and how to be happy.

iWonder Star and Beautiful Sarah


In print - September 2019

This is a story about Sarah who learns with iWonder Star

that everyone, including her, is beautiful in their own unique 

way. She also learns that being beautiful is not only  

on the outside but also inside.

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